Rescue Cannabis Company

Our goal is to deliver the wonderful possibilities of pet adoption to the cannabis community, while in turn contributing to the livelihood of local farms.

“Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever.” – Karen Devison

Donate to HSSW

The Humane Society for Southwest Washington is dedicated to completing families through animal adoptions, matchmaking, and lost and found services.


Our primary goal is to remind millions in the Washington cannabis community of the joys and benefits of pet adoption.


Resuce Cannabis Co. is helping to promote pet adoption, while adopted pets are helping small farms to sell their products.


With each bag of Rescue Cannabis sold, we donate a portion to The Humane Society of Southwest Washington.


Teamed with Art Cannabis, we are creating a generation of conscious businesses dedicated to uplifting the local community.

Rescue By The Numbers

Follow along on our journey to educate the Washington Cannabis community about the wonderful world of pet adoption. Since we began in May 2022, here is our impact.

Dollars Donated

Shelters Benefited

Stores Contributing

Cannabis Stores & Animal Shelters

Qualified establishments maintained by local government or supported by charitable contributions, that provides a temporary home for dogs, cats, and other animals that are offered for adoption.

      The lineup

      Meet the team! Rescue Cannabis Company highlights real rescued animals from around Washington State. Fill out the form below for a chance to get your pet featured!

      NAME: Lily
      RESCUED: 7/22/2020
      LOCATION: Olympia, WA
      LOVES: The squirrels outside

      NAME: Mylee
      RESCUED: 9/12/2013
      LOCATION: Pullman, WA
      LOVES: Her favorite blanket

      NAME: Lasagna
      RESCUED: 4/29/2019
      LOCATION: Bellingham, WA
      LOVES: Her big brother Garfield

      NAME: Bear
      RESCUED: 5/12/2013
      LOCATION: West Seattle, WA
      LOVES: To sing

      NAME: Mookie
      RESCUED: 12/24/2020
      LOCATION: Wenatchee, WA
      LOVES: Fetching tennis balls

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